Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introducing My New Blog!

I have decided it is time to branch off with my Classroom Design Collections. I am adding sets so often my blog is feeling like the Sunday newspaper circular instead of a place to share ideas. If I could afford it I would make everything I create a 'freebie' but times are tight at our house and the money I can make off of Teacher's Notebook and Teacher's Pay Teachers have allowed me to pay a few bills, and we are extremely appreciative! I will continue my Joy of Life 2011 blog but it will focus more on things I am doing in my classroom. And yep, I will also continue to give away one set free every time I add something new.


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Would you be willing to take requests for a collection? I am starting in a new building and a new grade and I get to start from scratch.

    1. Sure, I would love to. The 'Bee' set was a request as well. What is your theme/color going to be? Are there any other elements you need included in the set?

    2. Really? Awesome! I would like an owl theme with a brown base and shades of pink, blue and green like you have in your Let's Get Hoppin collection. I like all the elements you have put in your Monster Collection. Thank you so much!