Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July and Winner Winner!!

Well today was so very hot as I am sure it was for many of you. Not living near the ocean here in Ohio this is the closest we have to a beach....
So we go here. It is a lake about 25 minutes away at one of the State Parks. It's clean and fun and the best price: free.
Did I say the blue dot set would be done today...well gadzooks it isn't. I've been making all of my own backgrounds recently. I am so glad I figured it out so I don't have to worry about licenses and all but the downside is I am still on the slow side. I will have it done soon...maybe tonight.

I used the handy dandy number generator and the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" is number 11.

Congrats to Janine over at Faithful In First, you were number 11.
Hope you all had a fabulous July 4th!! Now I am going to go work on those blue dots, lol.

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