Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Sale

It's my birthday and the beginning of school is rapidly approaching so I am having a quickie sale in my TN store. I have several classroom themed classroom sets available to help decorate your classroom for the beginning of the school year. My Kindergarten Homework Packet for September will be available on August 1st.
Teacher's Notebook

I hope to get back into my classroom later next week to take pictures: before and after. I am still working on the curtains, but I may have waited too long to get one of the items I needed to make them, grrr. I'm heading out this weekend to check those summer clearance aisles.
I have also been working on my own version of a Pinterest inspired project for the first day of school. I hope to get it finished this weekend and then I will show you pictures.
My bloggy goal is to take lots of pictures. My favorite blogs are those with lots of pictures but I have so many problems with my camera not keeping a charge. I wish I could replace it but for now I will take pics on my phone and share those.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those last few days of summer vacation!!

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  1. Happy late birthday! I have the giveaway posted on my blog! Thanks for participating! :)
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